the dädä pipes brand story

The dädä brand offers handmade briar pipes and lifestyle. dädä pipes was founded by Akos Bartha and Andras Kovacs in 2019 as a family business in downtown Budapest. Its first online store featured modern design and top quality. dädä is the first Hungarian artisan pipe brand – if not the only one. With its dramatic introduction to the concept of “pipe fashion” since it was founded in 2019 in Budapest, dädä aspires to create a responsible passion for craze amongst connaisseur pipe smokers. Many factors have contributed to the market debut of dädä but one of its key strengths, which has played a strong role in it becoming a premium artisan pipe manufacture as it is today, is its ability to put customers’ needs first. dädä’s approach towards fashion and its business model gradually generated traction with the cosmopolitan trends. dädä pipes is obsessed with its limitless creativity.


Tobacco pipe design has everything you need to transform your needs into something you’ll be happy with. Ranging from Scandinavian progressive shapes to neoclassical Asian warmth, we manifest our visions to boost our productivity, whether it’s nature, folklore, history, or improvisation to freshen things up.


Materials for pipe making involve seeking the best match between design and functionality. We use strictly the highest quality raw materials thank to our trusted distributors. We are obsessed with the high-grade briar from all over the mediterranian region and exotic materials like tropical hardwood, bamboo, and rare Maclura pomifera from our private plantation in Hungary.


We accumulate hundreds of tools for freehand pipe making: razor-sharp hand tools, precise drills and grinders in a wide vertical. Above all our hands are the most important tool: we avoid automated and template-based electronic devices during the manufacturing process. The stummels and stems are carefully hand-cut to finish the authentic dädä pipes.