Extremely rare, meticulously crafted, and straight-grained volcano smoking pipe with a long bamboo shank and stylishly incised mouthpiece. The bowl meets the 90-degree edge of the bamboo shank, giving an extravagant break for grain patterns. The bottom surface of the bowl shows a truly overgrown birdseye procession. The volcano-shaped bowl has a golden contrast stain. The tobacco pipe is an oriental but elegant outfit in a versatile and saturated warmer brown tone.


Technical side

The black superb quality SEM ebonite stem has a precise undercut and comfortable bite zone, a 4,5mm tapered bit, and a lip without any sharp edges. The draft hole diameter is 4mm as the industry standard. It has an elongated tapering in the inner side of the mouthpiece to 3mm, which ends in a gently opened slot for having the proper ability to keep draft pressure during smoking. The pipe has a light bent shape – so keeping the instrument free of hands in the owner’s mouth is not a challenge despite the overall weight of 68 grams. We carved the volcano smoking pipe from the first-grade Mimmo briar. The chamber has no chemical treatment, so this volcano smoking pipe will give the original taste of briar when smoked the first couple of loads. The high-quality shellac coat will ensure a long-lasting glossy surface.

Because of the long bamboo shank, the 19mm diameter of the chamber, and the overall proportions of the draft hole, we recommend this pipe for Danish aromatics and English blends having a cool smoke for any experienced tobacco pipe lover.