A symmetrical, meticulously crafted and straight-grained volcano smoking pipe with a medium long shank and stylishly incised mouthpiece. The sideline of the bowl continues with a sharp edge along the shank, giving a mild break for grain patterns. The convex bottom surface of the bowl shows a truly dense birdseye parade. The briar was contrasted in a deeper color shade by combining a pinch of chestnut, cordovan, and oxblood in a versatile and saturated warmer tone of browns which give the tobacco pipe a friendly but serious outfit.


Some info from the technical side

The black ebonite stem has a precise undercut and comfortable bite zone with 4,5mm tapered bit and a lip without any sharp edges. The drafthole of the pipe was drilled 4mm as the industry standard and has an elongated tapering in the inner side of the mouthpiece to 2mm which ends in a gently opened slot for having the right ability for keeping draft pressure during smoking. The pipe has a light bent shape – so keeping the instrument free of hands in the owner’s mouth is not a challenge despite the overall weight of 53 grams (a medium weight). The pipe was carved from Italian briar (cut by IL Ciocco – Guiseppe Tarantino, Calabria extra extra ). The chamber was not treated with any chemicals or coating so this volcano smoking pipe will give you the original taste of briar when smoked the first couple of loads.

Because of the medium-long shank, the standard diameter of the chamber, and the overall proportions of the draft we recommend this pipe for aromatics having a bit hotter smoke but can be an exceptional choice for any tobacco piper.