This dädä tobacco pipe is a mixture of style and practicality. In addition to the sophisticated yet modern extravagant line-drawing, the fact that the pipe stands steady on its own foot and the mouthpiece can be efficiently run in and out makes it easy to use. The dark color tone adds depth to the briar’s grain, while the original bark marks on the top of the rim and their associated single-color dark matte surfaces result in an overall organic effect. During use, the chamber will darken quickly so those inner walls will blend together into a deep crater-like cave by the puffs of the lucky owner. No chemicals, wall precarbonizer, or any taste-spoiler material is used in the chamber of this pipe. The simplicity of the mouthpiece is almost provocative, but the concept forgives everything in exchange for comfort: with its lightweight of 44 grams, it is easy to clench on the bit, let holding this unique little sitter between your teeth for a long time. Or standing on the table when you get the word.