This smoking pipe is an absolute choice for cool people who love cool smoke. The essence of the design lies in the minimalist approach: the traditional poker shape has been given a dynamic tilt, causing the entire stummel to bounce forward, but still stand stabile on its own feet. Dense birdseye grain patterns, darker-toned contrast staining, and half matte finish also contribute to the overall effect.

The rim has a lighter shade (no oils or any chemicals on that area) but as usual after a few uses, it will darken nicely with a gradient color transition. At the end of the straight shank, an orangewood decorating accent was placed and as a half-hidden element, the mortise is closed by an implanted copper ring. The saddled stem starts with an easy-fitting push tenon and ends in an elongated profile, resulting in smoke that travels nearly 12 centimeters, avoiding heated-up drafts. The pipe cleaner runs easily through the entire draft hole. The chamber was not coated and the stummel was not waxed. Due to its lightweight, although we can talk about a quite long smoking pipe, it is easy to clench. This sitter can be an everyday smoker in your collection.