This classical apple shaped smoking pipe has a straight shank with bamboo extension. The stummel was dressed up with dense black-dotted rustication of organic impressions. The bamboo has a wired rustic outfit with two individual boxwood “seeds”. At the end of the shank there was implemented a matte black coloured reinforcement ring, so the patterned ebonite push tenon fits her mortice safe and tight. The pipe is super lightweight, 24 grams assembled, so despite its lenght the bit and the beveled button sits comfortably between teeth and so is easy to hold with two fingers as well.



Length: 155 mm
Weight: 24 g
Chamber Depth: 26 mm
Chamber Diameter: 18 mm
Stem Material: ebonite (push tenon)
Filter: none
Shape: apple
Material: briar, bamboo, boxwood, copper

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