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The straight billiard smoking pipe is the most popular shape and style in old and modern times as well. We created our own as a tribute to the history and traditions of pipe smoking and pipe making! The stummel has its dynamic, radial blowing burl grain structures which end at the bowl’s back in really dense birdeyes. The dark warm brown coloring under the natural, carnauba waxed surface gives deepness for those mad and versatile patterns. At the end of the shank, a copper ring reflects the old schools of design. A handcutted straight tapered (Japanese) black ebonite mouthpiece continues towards the comfortable bite zone.


The Wild Horse To Be Tamed

However, the pipe looks simple and classic, but the real time machine is hidden on the inside: the drafthole in the stummel was drilled with 6 mm bit and that hole tapers to the end of the bite zone 2mm (the slot was gently open for letting dynamizee the speed of the draft). We tried to achieve a more open draft as earlier in the middle 20th century there was the approach. That means we offer this pipe for experienced pipe smokers and because of the opened diameter the pipe should fit better for the dry, hotter burning aromatics if the owner is able to control the smoking process with patience and gentle slowness.

If you are an experienced pipe smoker looking for trying out a more open draft and you like elegant, stylish, still honestly straight, and simple designed traditional concepts we have got this straight billiard smoking pipe for you.




Some technical data about the pipe:

Length: 142mm
Weight: 35 gr
Chamber Depth: 38 mm
Chamber Diameter: 18 mm
Stem: ebonite
Filter: none
Shape: Straight Billiard
Material: Italian briar, Copper

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