The ancestors of this “Hungarian Hussar” pipe were popular among the Hungarian light cavalry riders, known for their courage and agility. These pipes had to be lightweight and comfortable for the rider during the long march. These types of pipes provided a comfortable hand free and dry smoking experience. Now we are undertaking to revive the traditional Hungarian pipe design. Of course, everything adapted to the taste of the age. The “Hungarian Hussar” has a special feature thanks to the cavalier mortise system for the dry smoking experience. The system’s hole is locked up is a plug cap made from African Ebony Wood decorated with high-grade Baltic amber inlay in the center. The full bent shank is decorated with an elegant Yemeni Boxwood ring. If necessary the cap is removable. So you can access and clean the draft hole/mortise system inside. The sandblasted apple-shaped bowl fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Length: 62 mm
Weight: 59 g
Chamber Depth: 36 mm
Chamber Diameter: 20 mm
Stem Material: Ebonite
Filter: None
Shape: Hungarian Hussar (cavalier apple)
Material: Briar, boxwood, African ebony wood, Baltic amber inlay