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Creation: freedom according to as many rules as possible

The creative mind actually does creative work when it invents a content and dreams of a form for it. Such an operation is refined through a set of logical and aesthetic rules in a long funnel, then passes through a cultural filter, personal perspectives, until finally the result is born. This creative process never starts from scratch. It is not necessary to dream of a new system of rules, a new world of relations, a new entity at the beginning of each creative process, and to create new, independent worlds without stopping as a big Creator behind the clouds. Indeed! We don’t want to.

The thing is not emotion free at all.

Pipe making is an old profession based on centuries-old traditions. For some reason – and by no means coincidentally – it has developed that the pipe has a preferably vertical chamber, a shank that is preferably at an angle, and another part, the stem that is in contact with the mouth. These are the three basic conditions that will make a pipe a pipe. Well, of course it has to withstand the heat, it shouldn’t have off-flavors, it should be durable, it should be sized for people. We don’t have to reinvent this, we don’t need to morph on how to smoke pipe tobacco differently. Because you could definitely invent either Swiss clockwork-like structures or virtual pipe programs, or invent new shapes: saber, loaf, giraffe.. No. We don’t want any other way, we love to have such beautiful long centuries-old traditions, and we’re happy to fit into that thread. We are not rethinking the basics.

In the creative process, in the coordinate systems in front of us, connecting them, we draw a harmonic arc on the paths of making pipes.

planning – there are magic lines – nature is a muse

1. Logical rules are considered by designing our pipes based on the most optimal mechanical, physical, chemical, dynamic and static aspects. If a solution does not fit into this set of rules, we will not force it. Simply not because it won’t work. We know that it doesn’t work, that we tried it and it didn’t work – we only dream of well-functioning solutions into our ideas, and we subject ourselves to them most strictly. All of this doesn’t even require a longer explanation, let’s call this the “basics”.

2. The system of aesthetic rules already gives a much wider space for the game. This is not to say that this space is infinite, in fact, at any given moment, the creator realizes that it is also a scarce but more contingent framework. Aesthetics is the search for beauty itself, and here we must now think primarily of formal beauty. What do we consider beautiful? “Everyone has a different beauty,” would say someone who didn’t realize there were universal beauties. The play of proportionality, symmetry and asymmetry, perspective, streamlining, pattern, tone, contrast, rhythm, one sex appeal, and the associated image associations that feed primarily on our common cultural values ​​can work together to create something that will ‘We can all say it is aesthetic. Attractive. We work on attractive pipes, striving to find common beauty in our creatures with our creative forces.

3. The cultural filter is neither an objective, unquestionable dimension as the natural and technical sciences, nor is it an emotionally charged, possibly individual issue, such as the perception of aesthetics. The cultural filter is our common treasure, we, who often think the same way about the world of pipes, know that centuries have connected us with other great generations. We speak a language and only we understand what an “english blend” is, we only know why Alfred Dunhill or Sixten Ivarsson had such a mind, we know how delicious a good “cake” is and how beautiful a “bird’s eye” look as us’. We know that a solid pipe while it burns, a lot of things change in the world. There is no greater wealth than if someone has plenty of time, and the piper enjoys this luxury when he leans back pleasantly to give his time to affirm life. We dream of our pipes for this, for this sophisticated feeling of life, for the joy of the moment. We want it not only to be comfortable to hold our pipe, but to make it a separate inner celebration every time. We want to cause perfectly satisfied moments, the feeling of peace that flooded our predecessors as well.

dädä – a Cutty – ancestor of all pipes

+1. Love ♡

The personal point of view is the screw at the very end. Of course, the concept should be correct, the pipe should be proportionate, it should be an experience to take control. But we design pipes that we ourselves will fall in love with. When it goes on sale, we pass it on to the buyer with a sore heart. If a pipe of ours is not like that, we will not sell it, it will go to the black box. Or we will work on it until love happens, but believe us, it should always happen with a reason. We will feel, we will know that if a pipe became dädä.

We only put the stamp on it if we fell in love.